EMS Firm Cemtrex to Launch Smart Desk in May

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Cemtrex Inc. plans to release its much-anticipated Smart Desk IoT product in May 2018. This proprietary product is being developed in-house by the company's newly formed Advanced Technologies group. The Smart Desk is targeting the office place market and is designed to help companies adopt the most advanced technologies available and tremendously increase employees' productivity.

"The Smart Desk represents the first total reinvention of the personal work space in decades and it will revolutionize workstation productivity just as smart phones made society more productive over conventional cell phones," said Cemtrex Chairman and CEO Saagar Govil. "Not only do we expect every office to order multiple Smart Desks, we also anticipate that every household would want to have at least one Smart Desk in their house."

While the traditional market leaders in the computing space have been focused on mobility solutions, the desktop market remains massive in size with approximately 270 million units being shipped in 2016 which amounts to $180 billion market size. According to Gartner, the corporate market is a large market opportunity for the smart desk as desktop PCs account for almost 84% of PCs sold and 74% of those sold are to business users.

Joe Novelli, Vice President of Product Development at Cemtrex, said, "With over 60 inches of intelligent touch display area, exclusive custom applications, and an advanced content touch management system, the smart desk is slated to be a big leap ahead of current productivity solutions in the market today. This futuristic product will raise multi-tasking to entirely new levels and will generate enormous excitement in the work space."

Cemtrex plans to unveil the product details along with advance order booking information closer to the release date.


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