Kurtz Ersa Acquires globalPoint

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Kurtz Ersa has announced that it has acquired measurement technology expert globalPoint.

Established in 1999 by Christian John, globalPoint GmbH has been developing and distributing intelligent systems for temperature profile determination in soldering systems.

The basis of the company’s success is its expertise in precise measurement technology combined with a deep understanding of the natural science foundations in the soft soldering processes. In particular, globalPoint’s PTP software contains an optimization tool that enables system operators with less experience to guarantee the profile sequences prescribed by standards, soldering pastes and components. A few years ago, Ersa had a specific shuttle developed by globalPoint, and has successfully sold it under its own brand name.

Effective January 1, 2018, globalPoint’s registered office is now Wertheim am Main. John will continue to be the managing director, while Ersa engineer Viktoria Rawinski and a team of employees will be at his side to ensure the further development, supply, handling of replacement parts, and calibration service necessary for the complete continuation of the business.


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