MacroFab Expands Manufacturing Capacity, Sets Up Mexico Facility

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MacroFab Inc. has expanded its production manufacturing capacity and built its first international factory in Tijuana, Mexico. These services enable the company to offer globally competitive pricing to customers so that they can scale production, while using the same, streamlined experience that its platform provides.

MacroFab's volume production facility offers substantial cost savings for orders up to hundreds of thousands of units. Best of all, the new factory is fully integrated into MacroFab's platform, providing customers the same real-time status updates and transparency from the company's lower-volume and prototyping assembly services.

The company's manufacturing facilities, both in Houston and Mexico, integrate with its software platform to monitor the production of thousands of orders, assisting hundreds of hardware companies around the world, every month. This process enables MacroFab to vet, prototype, and produce in a fraction of the time, and at a fraction of the cost of traditional contract manufacturers, while providing customers with an industry-changing experience.



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