Engineered Material Systems Introduces Two-Component Epoxy Encapsulant

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Engineered Material Systems has launched its 506-03A/B, a two-component epoxy system with a convenient 1:1 volumetric mix ratio designed to pass rigorous reliability requirements.

The 506-03A/B epoxy encapsulating compound is characterized by its low mixed viscosity, quick gel (~8 minutes) and its excellent resistance to thermal shock, very good electrical properties, and adhesion to a variety of substrates upon cure.

506-03A/B is the latest addition to Engineered Material Systems' extensive line of potting/encapsulating materials that can be used in a multitude of applications to pot/encapsulate electrical and electronic assemblies.

For more information about the 506-03A/B or to learn how Engineered Material Systems can define, develop and create an engineered material solution that is right for your company.

About Engineered Material Systems

Engineered Materials Systems, Inc. (EMS) technology focus is on adhesives, encapsulants, and conductive materials for automotive, microelectronics, and printed inks product lines. The company creates continual improvements that will guide its customers into the future. For more information, click here.


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