Bowman Introduces New XRF Coating Measurement System

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Bowman, a US manufacturer and global service provider for XRF coating measurement instruments, has introduced its P Series, a versatile benchtop XRF instrument. 

Bowman’s P Series simultaneously identifies elements (Al13 through U92 on the periodic table) in each of up to five coating layers, with exceptional precision and speed.  It is ideal for test environments with high throughput schedules. 

Standard system configurations include a 4-position collimator assembly, variable focus camera for applications with recessed areas, extended-life micro-focus X-ray tube and solid state PIN detector. The detector has well-defined element peaks, eliminating the need for secondary filters. Minimal peak position drift assures highest stability over time and extends the interval between recalibrations. An SDD detector is also available.  

Unique to Bowman XRF instruments is the intimate proximity of the X-ray tube and detector, a feature of system architecture that produces more than three times the photon counts of conventional XRF equipment - and in a shorter measurement time.

The Bowman P Series has an extended programmable XY axis that makes it suitable for measuring small features, or parts such as fasteners, connectors, and PCBs. Table size is 25” X 25”; travel is 10” X 10”. It is ideally suited to shops that want to prevent their two costliest issues: rejections from under-plating, and material waste from over-plating. 

The P Series is the sixth model in Bowman’s comprehensive suite of XRF instruments. Like other instruments in the portfolio, it runs advanced Xralizer software to quantify coating thickness from the detected photons. Xralizer software combines intuitive visual controls with time-saving shortcuts, extensive search capability, and "one-click" reporting. The software also simplifies user creation of new applications.

About Bowman

Bowman is a leading manufacturer of precision XRF coating measurement systems, with a robust local service network that provides same-day response for every XRF requirement, worldwide. Equipment evaluation, selection, commissioning, maintenance and modernization is provided for users of all Bowman instruments, as well as other XRF brands. All Bowman systems are manufactured in the USA.

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