Seika Machinery Presents Top Sales Awards at IPC APEX EXPO

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Seika Machinery, Inc. today announced that it recognized its top representatives for 2017 with sales awards during the IPC APEX EXPO in San Diego, California. Seika Machinery is proud to announce the top sales teams for McDry, Sawa, Malcom and Unitech as follows:

  • #1 McDry Sales for 2017: Assembly Tech, Mr. Armand Karolian, New England Territory
  • #2 McDry Sales for 2017: Hisco Dallas, Mr. Mike Olsen, Dallas, Texas
  • Top Distributor for McDry Sales in 2017: Hisco, Mr. William Bland, North America
  • Top Distributor for Sawa Sales in 2017: Solcom, Mr. Mike Gusukuma, Mexico
  • Top Distributors for Malcom Sales in 2017: GPS, Mr. Andreas Gerspach, Germany/EU and Ceiba Technologies, Mr. Ernesto Bader, Mexico
  • Top Sales Representative for New Unitech Sales in 2017: Mr. Humberto Bojorquez, Mexico

“Congratulations to these sales representatives and to all of our fine network members for your activity on McDry, Sawa, Malcom, Unitech and Sayaka equipment on behalf of Seika Machinery,” commented Michelle Ogihara, Seika Machinery’s Senior Sales and Marketing Manager.

Each of the winning companies were presented with plaques at Seika’s annual training meeting and awards ceremony, which was held on Tuesday, February 27 in Seika Machinery’s booth on the show floor.

About Seika Machinery, Inc.

Seika Machinery, Inc. (SMI) is a subsidiary of Seika Corporation, Japan and member of the Mitsubishi Global Group. SMI provides electronics manufacturers with advanced machinery, superior materials and engineering services. For more information about Seika Machinery, click here.


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