Aqueous Technologies Webinar Tackles Cleanliness Quantification Techniques

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There is a direct relationship between cleanliness and reliability. Most contamination-related product failures could have been predicted by cleanliness testing and thereby avoided. With industry standards changing, various cleanliness testing methods are being considered.

In line with this, Aqueous Technologies will be holding a webinar titled “Cleanliness Quantification Techniques... How Clean is Clean Enough?” on March 20, 2018 at 8am PST.

This 75-minute free webinar will present information on several post-reflow circuit assembly cleanliness quantification methods, including bulk extraction ROSE testing, localized extraction ROSE testing, ion chromatography, surface insulation resistance (SIR), presence of flux (chemical reaction), testing visual testing, and other cleanliness testing methods.

This will be presented by three industry experts: Mike Konrad, president/CTO of Aqueous Technologies; Terry Munson, president, Foresite Inc.; and Kalyan Nukala, application engineer, Zestron.

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