Cemtrex Launches Partnership Program for AR WorkbenchXR Tool

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Cemtrex Inc. is launching a new Early Access Partnership program for its recently announced augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) WorkbenchXR manufacturing software that will be launched in June 2018 by CemtrexVR, a division of Cemtrex.

The Early Access Partnership Program is intended for those organizations who are currently considering augmented reality/virtual reality/mixed reality (XR) solutions presently and wish to get their hands on the product as early as possible. Participants in the program will be able to get a head start and work closely with Cemtrex as it rolls out this cost saving and productivity improvement software tool. Cemtrex intends to charge a per headset license fee for the product, however, the earliest adopters will receive VIP pricing. The application will be available this summer and Early Access participants will get priority access.

WorkbenchXR is intended to help assembly workers in manufacturing environments utilize both VR and AR headsets as well as connected “smart tools” to assemble products faster, reduce errors, and improve the quality assurance process. The application helps workers assemble products using custom designed work flows created by the team in an easy and agile manner.

WorkbenchXR can be utilized for all manufacturing industries where various parts are being assembled including aerospace, measurement, automotive, machinery, electronics, and many others. Additionally, the software tool can be used in distribution environments where object and marker tracking can be utilized to improve the efficiency and accuracy of tracking packages and equipment.

“We see tremendous potential for our XR software tool, WorkbenchXR, based on the overwhelming interest received from some of the largest manufacturing companies in the world to many distribution firms with challenging logistics operations. We are excited to work with these potential customers to deliver the perfect solution to improve their operations with the most advanced augmented and virtual reality solutions possible,” commented Cemtrex Chairman and CEO Saagar Govil. “The manufacturing industry employs approximately 12.6 million workers in the United States enabling a massive potential market for this application. Due to the strong interest we are optimistic that CemtrexVR’s WorkbenchXR could become the leading industry standard in the VR/AR space.”

To join the WorkbenchXR Early Access Program, click here.



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