Cemtrex Files 18 Patent Claims Ahead of the Smart Desk Launch

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Cemtrex Inc. has filed a non-provisional patent application with the US Patent and Trademark Office entitled, “Smart Desk With Gesture Detection and Control Features” relating to its upcoming Smart Desk product release. Included in the patent are 18 claims based on intellectual property developed during the past several months that the company is seeking to protect.

"These patent claims represent brand new technology features that are nonexistent in any personal electronic device today and will provide ease of operation and higher productivity to any user working within their home or office environment. The patents filed this week are only a fraction of the full breadth of technology we have created over the past year and we intend to continue a focus on research and development to maintain a strong pipeline of innovation. In doing this filing, we have started to create a 'moat' around our upcoming flagship smart device, the Smart Desk, which will make it difficult for competitors to replicate,” commented Saagar Govil, Cemtrex CEO and Chairman. "This patent application represents a significant milestone for Cemtrex as it is the first patent filing in the company’s history. With the establishment of Cemtrex Advanced Technologies in the summer of 2017, Cemtrex has pursued a strategy to develop proprietary Internet of Things (IoT), smart devices, and wearable products. Pursuing intellectual property protection in the form of patents solidifies Cemtrex’s upcoming products in the planned product pipeline.

"We are evolving Cemtrex's business model from being largely a service-based engineering organization to include product-based technology driven segments by leveraging our competencies in manufacturing, technology, and systems engineering. Our extensive experience in these areas has given us the core knowledge to identify key new markets for growth opportunities where we feel we can competitively create the most technologically advanced products. We expect this shift will help grow organic revenues at a faster pace and help drive margin expansion over the long term."

"Integrated into the Smart Desk are several key features that are designed around the 72" touch display area, the largest ever in a standalone personal computing device, creating the most intelligent work station experience on the market today. In order to make such a large touch display area work as best as possible we have integrated proprietary touch and touchless gestures into the product which are an important part of the patents we have filed today. More details about the specific features and gestures will be shared when we unveil the product in May."

"We have already received inquiries for the Smart Desk from financial companies to manufacturing firms and will begin taking orders in May. We are extremely eager to share this exciting technology with the world and are looking forward to providing more details about the product in the coming weeks."

The patent itself is not public record currently, though it will become publicly available within 18 months. In the interim, Cemtrex will be releasing new details on the Smart Desk ahead of its official release later this Spring, over the coming weeks.

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