iNEMI's PEG Workshop and TWG Kick-Off a Success

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iNEMI’s PEG Workshop and TWG Kick-Off at the recent IPC APEX EXPO 2018 was productive and well attended. Over 40 people participated either in person or through WebEx. Highlights from the PEGs included executive overviews of the situational analyses, key trends and drivers, probable updates to the key product attributes, and needed interactions with others.

Themes from the TWG teams included concepts of eco-design and sustainability throughout manufacturing; ubiquitous sensors and impact to electronic manufacturing in general; thermal management challenges; simulation and modeling use cases to inform the roadmap; the maturing of flexible hybrid electronics; data analytics and security; the changing landscape of packaging; the ecosystem of the semiconductor driver set to include systems as well as devices; the challenges of materials for PCBs; and how pervasive information management has become a solution set in manufacturing.

Smart manufacturing was officially launched as a new TWG for the 2019 effort during the meeting. Each team was asked to provide a graphic of information that flows to and from their team with the other PEGs and TWGs as a start to understand the roadmap as an integrated and multi-dimensional effort. Support from the iNEMI roadmap office includes providing a space to share files easily throughout the process and exploring the best way to present the roadmap information (archival/searchable).



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