Murray Percival Collects Hanwha Techwin 'Most Improved rep of the Year' Award

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National electronics distributor Murray Percival Company, is proud to announce it is the recipient of the Hanwha Techwin “Most Improved Rep” award for 2017 for its sales of Hanwha Techwin pick and place machines, from entry level to full line solutions. The award is presented to the representative that has achieved the greatest increase in sales over the previous year. The award was presented at February’s IPC Apex show. 

The Hanwha Techwin machines are competitively priced, easy-to-program and operate, feature-rich and flexible. They can place a wide variety of components, quickly and accurately as proven in their own factories. Equipment up time and service is second to none. 

Murray Percival Jr, President at The Murray Percival Company commented, “The Hanwha range offers the best cost per placement on the market and annual maintenance as low as $800. We have a multi-state, highly professional and technical sales force for whom the capability of the Hanwha Techwin range has opened doors to many new customers. When we inform customers about the cost of maintenance and placement it blows people away.” 

Robert Watters, Eastern Regional Sales Manager for Hanwha Techwin Automation Americas commented, “Hanwha Techwin Automation Americas is pleased to partner with Murray Percival Co. Their long history of success and connections with their customers has resulted in a significant increase in market share for Hanwha Techwin Automation Americas. The Murray Percival Co. brings a unique and thorough approach to the SMT arena, and we look forward to our ongoing partnership.” 

Murray Percival Company offers thousands of capital and consumable products for virtually every facet of printed circuit electronics assembly and repair. They represent more than 60 manufacturers offering on-demand shipping to anywhere in the continental United States and Canada. 


In image left to right: Allen Choi CEO Hanwha Techwin Automation Americas. Murray Percival Jr, Murray Percival Company. Jonny Nichols, Director of Sales and Marketing, North America Hanwha Techwin Automation Americas. Matt Percival, Murray Percival Company. Dennis Cho Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Hanwha Precision Machinery 

About Murray A. Percival Company

Founded in 1960, the Murray A. Percival Company delivers an extensive array of equipment, processes and consumables to the printed circuit board assembly and repair industries through their unique Power of One value proposition.  With an extensive supplier base, a multi-state technical sales force, sophisticated VMI programs and a state-of-the-art web store, they provide on-demand shipping of thousands of value priced products throughout the continental United States. For more information about Murray Percival Company, click here.


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