ASM Enhances Printing and Placement Platforms

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Designed for the highly flexible mid-speed markets, high mix and prototype productions, ASM Assembly Systems’ E by DEK and E by SIPLACE printing and placement platforms set totally new standards in terms of quality, performance and modularity. To further improve the E solutions based on customer feedback, ASM is adding new features and options to the said platforms this year.

For the E by DEK, new options such as the DEK Interchangeable Understencil Cleaner and the DEK Adjustable-Width Stencil Mount allow for more automated cleaning as well as easier and faster stencil changeover.

Meanwhile, the E by SIPLACE adds the Odd-Shape Component Package for the smart placement of large, bulky components and connectors. Additionally, the E by SIPLACE Ease of Use package makes regular tasks such as tray teaching, handling of dirty or defect nozzles, and face-down recognition of diodes much more efficient.



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