Indium to Introduce Indium Oxide Powder at SVC TechCon 2018

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Indium Corporation will introduce its new Indium Oxide High BET powder designed to support emerging applications of the display industry at SVC TechCon from May 5-10 in Orlando, Florida, USA. 

Indium Corporation’s Indium Oxide High BET powder is designed for use in both display electrodes and thin-film oxide transistors as part of the transparent conductive oxide (TCO) film stack. 

Indium Oxide High BET powder offers:

  • BET range from 13–17m2/g
  • Higher than 4N5 purity
  • Primary particle size between 50–100nm 

This material supports the evolving needs of sputtering target production lines that need flexibility and the ability to scale in today’s fast-changing environment.

Indium Corporation’s reclaim capability includes a fully integrated manufacturing reclaim loop that provides a fast return-to-process time for our customers to lower inventory costs. 

Visit us at booth #417 or find more information about our Indium Oxide products, click here.



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