Rehm Showcases Innovations at SMT Hybrid Packaging 2018

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Every year, SMT Hybrid Packaging addresses current topics related to electronics manufacturing and puts these in the focus of the event. This year, it is all about the ever-growing field of digitalization, the fourth industrial revolution, and smart factory.

At the upcoming SMT Hybrid Packaging 2018 show in June 5–7, Rehm Thermal systems will be presenting innovative solutions for augmented reality that are an important part of the new ViCI virtual communication interface for the ViCON system software. Visitors can experience the first demo version of this innovative portal solution live in Rehms stand at Hall 4A Booth 100.

For a long time, it was common practice to always showcase the latest systems technology of the manufacturing equipment at the leading trade fairs for electronics manufacturing. These days, software solutions belonging to SMT manufacturing are playing an ever-increasing role.

Usability, flexible working and increased transparency are the main focus here. Within the field of reflow soldering systems, the need to provide corresponding data for digitalized processes is an absolute must today. With the introduction of the new ViCON system software, Rehm has created optimal conditions for ever more advanced networking between the systems. It is possible to work in a flexible manner thanks to the ViCON Connect software tool, which controls and monitors all Rehm systems within a company network, and the ViCON app for mobile access to all relevant system information. But what do the customers require of a modern software solution? Numerous conversations have made it very clear what moves our users. Concrete support with the help of data glasses, guided maintenance scenarios on tablet or smartphone as well as a comprehensive and expandable knowledge base that help in everyday production. Based on this knowledge, we have further developed our first approaches of guided maintenance scenarios with Microsoft HoloLens, and are therefore now able to present the first demo version of the new ViCI Virtual Communication Interface for the ViCON.

Further developments are continuously being made in software engineering and in the hardware components. Topics dealt with today's and tomorrow's developers are data collection by means of sensors, using digital components such as EC fan motors and other intelligent measurement procedures for implementing "Predictive Maintenance". Conventional mechanical engineering as we know it from the past will change – there is no getting around it.

Get ready for the "Next Generation" in mechanical engineering!

Rehm will be showcasing the following equipment and tools at SMT 2018:

VisionXP+:Our best-in-class system for reflow convection soldering with or without a vacuum is now even more efficient! At SMT we will present the highlights of further development of the VisionXP+, for example, the use of new EC fan motors, which not only are quieter and more sustainable, but also enable comprehensive operation data collection, a more effective cooling line and design tweaks.

VisionXC:It is important for any electronics manufacturer to achieve high quality in assembly production, even at low throughput. The compactness of the VisionXC, which brings together all important technological features in the smallest of space, is impressive. The systems of the VisionX series also have ViCON software with new features and a modern user interface. 

ViCON: Rehm has developed with ViCON an innovative solution for easy operability and optimal traceability in the VisionX series. The software can, for example, monitor all values that have changed, or collect and statistically evaluate alarms in order to avoid errors and to optimize machine settings. 

ViCI: For modern electronics production, concrete support with the help of data glasses, guided maintenance scenarios on tablet or smartphone as well as a comprehensive and expandable knowledge database are the first steps to make everyday production easier.

The ViCI Virtual Communication Interface is based on these approaches. A portal can be used to retrieve asset-related content and to upload own content. The portal solution also enables the individual extension and integration of other systems as well as a corresponding client administration with individual access rights.

Rehm presents the first demo version of this new support solution at the SMT.

CondensoXC:The CondensoXC has a compact structure due to the innovative processing chamber and is high on performance. Thanks to the patented injection principle, exactly the right quantity of Galden®is supplied for optimal profiling. Because of the closed-loop filter system, the medium can be recovered and filtered virtually 100 %. The system is fully suitable for vacuum and has an integrated process recorder – for optimal traceability.

Nexus:The new vacuum soldering oven Nexus is ideal for pore- and flux-free soldering at up to 450 °C free with a variety of process gases. The wet-chemical activation with formic acid is available as an option. It is possible to use lead-free or lead-containing preforms and pastes. Contact soldering is used in advanced packaging and power electronics.

Securo Minus: Rehm has developed the Securo range to analyse the reliability of sensitive electronics under extreme temperatures. Securo Minus is used for reliable cold function tests and checks the suitability of electronic components at winter temperatures among other things. The electronic components are exposed to cold air or nitrogen at low temperatures of up to –55 °C in the system.

Protecto: Our Protecto for selective conformal coating protects sensitive electronic assemblies from damage by corrosion or other environmental influences such as humidity, chemicals or dust. We will be presenting a variety of system options for different application areas and manufacturing environments at the exhibition. They all have absolutely reliable and accurate coating in common – for the best results!

We look forward to meeting you. Come and visit us in Hall 4A, Booth 100.

About Rehm Thermal System

As a specialist in the field of thermal system solutions for the electronics and photovoltaics industries, Rehm is a technology and innovation leader in the modern and economical production of electronic modules. As a globally operating manufacturer of reflow soldering systems with convection, condensation or vacuum, drying and coating systems, functional test systems, equipment for the metallization of solar cells as well as numerous customer-specific special systems, we are represented in all relevant growth markets and, as a partner with more than 25 years of industry experience, we implement innovative manufacturing solutions that set standards.


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