LPKF Sees Increasing Use of UV Lasers

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Las Marias: What is your latest product for depanelisation?

Rose: We have our MicroLine 2000, which is a very good machine for depaneling. We just started to promote a new laser source inside—we increased the laser power to be more efficient with the machine. Now, we can go up to 27 W UV laser power, which is a good stage.

Talking about LPKF in general, we are introducing a new process that we call laser-induced heat exchange, which is basically a process for glass, etching and cutting glass. Same as before, we were asked by customers if we could drill glass with the intention to serve the market for glass interposers for the semiconductor industry. So, we started developing a process, because micro cracks are obviously a critical reason. There were processes that are very good for quality, and those that are very good for speed—but there was nothing connecting those.

We started to investigate, and after a while we came up with a solution that can serve the market—a very fast, precise and good quality machine for glass drilling. Out of this, we investigated new applications on what could be possible with such a laser, to help customers with problems in their current processes. 

Las Marias: Julian, thank you very much for your time.

Rose: Thank you.


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