Remarkable Investments in Incap India

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In the beginning of last year, Incap’s factory in India opened officially the expansion to its premises. The total production area, both for domestic (DTA) and export premises (EHTP), put together was before already 9,000 m2 and now it has an additional production area of about 2,000 m2. The new production area is in full operation for producing the final products for exports.

Murthy Munipalli, managing director of Incap CMS Pvt Ltd, brought out that the 1 million Euros worth extension was needed to cater to the ever growing exports business. “In addition to opening new premises, we are also getting a complete SMT line in August, in order to add some more production capacity to our production. This will be our fourth line in our factory,” Munipalli explained.

The value of additional production line will be approximately 1 million Euros and the mounting capacity of new line will be 80,000 cph (components per hour).

According to Munipalli, the extended production premises and additional production line will help the company to attract new business from the existing clients as well as new customers, because of the increased capacity. “Thanks to our investments, we will be able to deliver on time, every time,” Munipalli said.

New investments are also strengthening Incap CMS in the general EMS market, while offering more flexibility and reliability. “These qualities together with transparency and quick decision- making are well known in the marketplace and also well appreciated by the existing clients and new customers,” told Munipalli.

Today, the customers of Incap India are globally operating electronic device manufacturers, who may be established in Europe but have production facilities in Asia. The factory has deliveries to all over the world. Hundreds of different products are being produced in the factory – among them are power suppliers, inverters and UPS and other electronic products. New modern facilities enable fast and flexible manufacturing of different types of products.


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