IMI Wins Best Paper Award at ASEMEP National Tech Symposium

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Integrated Micro-Electronics Inc.’s Jaziel Vitug-Gotauco, Randall Bryan Chua and Peter John Canoy of Test and Systems Development group recently won the Best Overall Industry Paper award at the 28th Association of Semiconductor and Electronics Manufacturing Engineers of the Philippines (ASEMEP) National Technical Symposium (ANTS) held last June 15, 2018 at the SMX Convention Center.

Vitug-Gotauco was also recognized as the best presenter in the test manufacturing category, where she bested several presentations of technical works on innovation and improvement of test processes and technologies.

The winning technical paper, “Automated Glare and Flare Optical Tester for High Performance Automotive Camera Modules”, highlighted the design and development of an automated straylight tester to screen out automotive camera modules with non-tolerable glare and flare.

In the reliability/failure analysis category, two other technical papers from IMI’s Analytical Testing and Calibration (ATC) group qualified for the conference and were presented during the assembly. A total of 145 papers were submitted and only 107 were qualified for presentation.

ANTS is the annual national technical symposium of the Semiconductor and Electronics Industries in the Philippines Foundation Inc. (SEIPI) engineering community showcasing achievements through technical presentations that promote innovation and capacity-building. It features technical papers of engineering professionals from SEIPI-member companies. The tracks include assembly manufacturing, test manufacturing, product engineering, quality, reliability and failure analysis engineering, support systems and the academe.


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