Seeing Clearly: XR Headsets and Flex’s Reference Design at AWE

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The following section includes additional information provided to us at the presentation regarding the uses, drivers, and barriers to overcome at this point in the evolution of the XR market.

The industrial market is ready for AR glasses. The fastest-growing area within the AR market is for HMDs in industrial applications, particularly in the fields of healthcare, logistics, manufacturing, and other industries that deploy field technicians. Companies in these markets are looking for ways to support hands-free work and remote-expert access for applications like service and repair, remote assistance, work instruction, and logistics and fulfillment.

Total spending on XR products and services is expected to soar from almost $12 billion in 2017 to nearly $215 billion in 2021, according to the International Data Corporation (IDC) research firm. AR headsets alone are on track to account for more than $30 billion in revenue by 2021.

Until now, there have been few options that meet industrial needs/wants of 8−12 hours of battery life with a design that does not block the wearer’s peripheral view. Moreover, AR devices used today for industrial applications are not ready for harsh industrial environments. Meeting these needs requires excellent design capabilities, production experience, and a mastery of the supply chain.

4trying_the_refrence_design.jpgFlex AR reference design is industrial grade XR designed to meet the rigorous demands of enterprise and industrial users. The HMD device is Z87 safety-rated, splash- and dust-proof, and designed to survive drops from six feet. Their selected partners, as previously mentioned, offer some of the best and latest technologies and innovations.



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