EMS Index Down 5.7% in Q2 2018

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Lincoln International's overall EMS index in the second quarter of 2018 was down by 5.7% from the previous quarter. The large index (Tier I)—composed of EMS firms with revenues more than $3 billion—fell by 7.1% from last quarter, while the mid index (Tier II)—companies with revenues of $300 million to $3 billion—was down by 0.5% quarter on quarter.

Only the small index (Tier III)—composed of companies with sales below $300 million—finished the quarter on a higher note, increasing by 27.4% from the last quarter.

The winners circle includes Celestica Inc. (Tier 1), whose stock price went up by 13.1% in the second quarter; Key Tronic Corp. (Tier II), up by 11.1%; and SMTC Corp. (Tier III), up by 55.5%.

The worst performers are Flex Ltd (Tier 1), down by 21.6%; Plexus Corp. (Tier II), down by 1.9%; and SigmaTron International Inc. (Tier III), down by 30.6%.


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