Electrolube Launches Protection Solutions for Mobile Phone and Touchscreen Makers in India

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Electrolube has launched a new range of electronics protection solutions for Indian mobile phone and touchscreen device manufacturers seeking high quality sealants, adhesives, protective coatings and EMI shielding material.

With an established manufacturing facility in Bangalore, Electrolube India is able to offer local manufacturers the advantages of a reliable supply infrastructure, plus short lead times for an extensive range of electro-chemical products, designed to maximise the reliability and mechanical resilience of mobile devices.

Five categories of products have been specially formulated to aid the assembly of touchscreens and to maximise their physical protection and electrical performance. They include form-in-place EMI shielding compounds; silver conductive adhesives; special display coatings; thermally conductive putty and a UV cured, corrosion resistant adhesive coating.

The two conductive form-in-place gasket materials, FIP200 and FIP210, are fast curing, metal filled compounds that provide continuity of electromagnetic shielding at joints and between the mating interfaces of product casings. Both materials offer high levels of corrosion resistance, as well as being highly conformable with low deflection force.

SCPE is the latest in a new generation of silver conductive adhesives from Electrolube that provides an excellent bond, as well as effective shielding performance, all from a single product. Developed for use in applications such as liquid crystal module displays, SCPE is very quickly dispensed, fast curing and offers genuine long term reliability.

Special Display Coating SDC provides an ultra-thin protective film for the surfaces of LCD displays and at the same time protects the polarizer against oxygen and moisture permeation. It has a fast cure at room temperature and is easily removed for rework or repair.

TCP400.jpgThe thermally conductive putty TCP400 is a two-component silicone thermal gel offering high thermal conductivity and good thermal cycling performance while delivering excellent shock and vibration protection. Capable of filling a larger gap than is possible with a thermal grease or thermal pads, TCP400 does not pump out on application and can be applied either manually or automatically using production line dispensing equipment.

UVA is a UV cured adhesive coating for liquid crystal module displays that forms a thin corrosion protective film over exposed areas of the display. Film distribution is guaranteed thanks to the adhesive's excellent wettability to a wide range of substrates, and its adhesion is moderated to enable easy rework.

Mobile phones and tablets have seen a huge boom over the last decade, with the number of registered handsets almost matching the total world’s population. Electrolube has been at the forefront of this expansion, supporting manufacturers in their quest to make more reliable, and more resilient mobile technology. The Electrolube range is used throughout every aspect of the mobile network, including the latest high-street handset as well as the support network of antennas and relays. For further information, please click here.


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