Goepel electronic Upgrades Embedded JTAG Solutions Controller

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Goepel electronic has launched the SFX II IO X1, the first expansion module for the SCANFLEX II system platform. It supplements the performance of the basic controller with separate control signals and special analog measurements.

The module is connected via the standard EXT bus. It is used for the targeted functional expansion of the controller through special resources. This includes separately programmable digital I/O for synchronization with other hardware units, several coupled analog I/O channels for pre- and post-power tests as well as an analog 12-bit high-speed measuring channel (ADC).

The SFX II IO X1 can be retrofitted as an option at any time and requires no special software installation. It can be connected via standard cables up to 2m away from the basic controller. Thus, the module can be used for integrations in test systems with spatially distributed access, such as in flying probe testers. Since all resources are controlled on the same command level within the SYSTEM CASCON platform software, interactions and additional functions can be easily implemented in the test sequence.



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