Valtronic Welcomes Three New Team Members

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Valtronic welcomes Guy Sindelar, project manager, Dean Velasco, firmware engineer and Perry Reeder.

Guy Sindelar is a new project manager reporting to Mike Labbe, director R&D. Guy is responsible for meeting project goals for the entire product development life cycle (from development to industrialization). He will be a key point of contact for customers in maintain project momentum

Previously, Guy was employed with Philips Healthcare as a service engineering manager where he was responsible for leading engineering programs, projects, and teams to work smarter. Guy held several positions at Philips including deployment team manager, engineering lead technical trainer/project leader and senior final test technician. Guy graduated from Navel Nuclear Power School in Orlando, Florida with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering.

Dean Velasco, also reporting to Mike Labbe, Dean is responsible for all aspects of the firmware development life cycle. Previously, Dean was employed by Moen Inc. as a senior firmware engineer where he was responsible for designing and developing firmware for ultra-low power applications. Dean has extensive experience as a firmware engineer with both Omnitek .and Aclara RF Systems. He was also a senior mechatronics engineer at cellular technology limited. Dean graduated from Case Western Reserve University with a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering.

Perry Reeder is a new area sales manager based in Dallas, Texas, serving the Southwest Region reporting to Chris Cassan, national sales manager. Perry is the first sales person in this area for Valtronic and is excited to work with the growing biotech industry in the region. Previously, Perry was employed with SPX Transformer Solutions, Inc. as a regional account manager, directed strategic national projects, and national sales operations manager. Prior to SPX Perry was president and founder of Power Quality One, Inc.  

“Valtronic is excited to have the experience and drive that Guy, Dean and Perry bring to the team and know that our customers will benefit from their knowledge,” said Jay Wimer, CEO, Valtronic USA. “We welcome them to the team and look forward to working with them.”

About Valtronic

Valtronic designs, develops and manufactures miniaturized and complex products for medical device partners across the globe. With facilities in Switzerland, the U.S, and Morocco we offer design and feasibility to industrialization and manufacturing, providing a full range of competences and solutions.




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