iNEMI Survey on New Package Technology Qualification Methodology

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The International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative (iNEMI) invites you to participate in a survey to help the electronics industry understand package qualification methodologies currently in use and how robust qualification plans are typically generated/developed.

This survey follows up on one conducted earlier this year by iNEMI’s New Packaging Technology Qualification Methodology project. It takes a closer look at the deficiencies and/or gaps in existing test methods and qualification standards identified in the previous survey, and focuses on more detailed information in a few key areas, specifically new package technologies and application spaces. The topics covered in this survey include:

  • Test methods
  • Qualification standards
  • New application use conditions
  • New application spaces
  • Package qualification methodology tools

Information from the two surveys will be used to recommend a methodology for the development and qualification of new packaging technologies and materials. The project will also report on current best practices for packaging qualification and address the gaps identified by the surveys.



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