Octane Open Concept Launches Two Revolutionary Software Solutions

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Octane Open Concept, LLC, a software company designed to improve efficiency and utilization from database collection points, announces that it will demo its two new real-time intuitive software products—the Heatwave and the Flexline—in CTI Systems’ booth 1133 at the 2019 IPC APEX EXPO, scheduled to take place January 29-31, 2019 at the San Diego Convention Center in California.

Heatwave is a pictorial representation of an assembly that is updated real-time as failures are reported to the manufacturing execution system (MES). In addition to the single image of the assembly, a panelized version of the assembly is displayed using a heat map, which allows the engineering team to quickly analyze the process and make decisions on the issues happening now vs. looking at reports generated at the end of shift or day or week. Heatwave was designed to be viewed on large monitors above manufacturing lines, process engineers’ work stations or via tablets or smartphones. Heatwave not only pulls data from MES systems, but also from any database collection point that reports failures via a reference designator, including the AOI, ICT, FCT and more.

“A picture may be worth 1,000 words, but with Heatwave, a picture is worth megabytes of data,” said Craig S. Reiselt, CEO.

Additional benefits of Heatwave include:

  • Remote access: Seamlessly connect to all data anytime, anywhere
  • Real-time analysis: Stay in the loop with live updates and automatically capture all business insights
  • Visual analytics: The smartest, most unique display of data, Heatwave generates a precise map of all production details into one simple image. One quick glance provides all the necessary information.
  • Instant insights: Heatwave eliminates tedious spreadsheets and provides complete, accurate failure reports in one click
  • Responsive alerts: An advanced, intelligent alert system allows users to eliminate failures in an instant.

Flexline is a solution for accurate slide line/assembly documentation. When a company’s workforce fluctuates on a daily basis, the software program makes fast updates to the side-line documentation, allowing everyone to stay on top of personnel changes. Additionally, its intuitive dashboards make responding to slide-line workstation changes faster than ever, saving both time and money.

Flexline creates documentation in real-time based on the number of associates logging into the software, easily and automatically redistributing parts as needed based on rules and insertion times designated by the engineering team. Flexline is fast and makes on-the-fly updates to keep the slide-line – and all accompanying data – moving so that no users lose valuable insights. Additionally, the software includes the capability of importing and presenting images of each individual component, “how to” video clips, and inspection images of known good boards for reference.

For more information about how Heatwave and Flexline can increase efficiency and utilization, visit Octane OC in CTI Systems’ booth 1133 at the IPC APEX EXPO 2019.

About Octane Open Concept

Octane OC was started from the need for better visibility of real-time struggles on the manufacturing floor. Its goal is to improve efficiencies and utilization, providing customers with a strong competitive edge. Octane OC gives the power to respond faster to production needs without having to track down information — making it easier than ever to drive business growth.



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