Miguel Colomer Joins YAMAHA as Printer Applications Engineer

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Yamaha Motor Corporation USA‘s Intelligent Machinery (IM) Division is pleased to announce the addition of Miguel Colomer as an applications engineer for solder paste printing in the Americas. In Miguel’s new role, he will be working closely with Yamaha’s Design team and customers in the Americas, particularly as YAMAHA introduces its latest printer, the YSP10.

In making the announcement, George Babka, Yamaha IM’s sales general manager said, “Miguel’s 25 years of experience in SMT process engineering, especially his extensive experience in screen printing, will be a most valuable asset to Yamaha as we roll out our newest, fully automatic screen printer, the YSP10. He will help Yamaha continue its expansion in the Americas by offering our customers a level of support that is unsurpassed in the industry. “

“Yamaha’s continuing efforts to redefine the leading edge of development was one of the largest factors in my decision to join the team,” Miguel said. “For years, we have been told that ‘everything has already been invented’ in SMT printing technology. With the release of the YSP10 at APEX, I am excited about the tools that we will put in the customers hands for the first time, including a completely automatic changeover and process control system that finally realizes the ‘lights out’ manufacturing concepts first discussed in the 1990s.” He went on to say that “Yamaha’s continuous high level of investment in R&D into this industry, along with the synergy with the Yamaha Robotics Group demonstrates an entrepeturial spriit that attracted me to this industry 25 years ago.”Miguel holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Engineering from the University of Puerto Rico. He has been instrumental in setting up several major SMT facilities in Puerto Rico, San Diego, and Guadalajara.He holds several certifications for statistical analysis, as well as machine design. He is also a member of the American Society of Engineering.

“Miguel’s engineering education, combined with his experience in the contract manufacturing, consumer, aerospace, and military segments of electronics production add significant strength to YAMAHA’s organization,” George Babka added.

About Yamaha Motor Intelligent Machinery

Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA IM is a division of Yamaha Motor Corporation, and offers a full line of machines for electric/electronic parts mounting and other production-line solutions to answer the diversifying needs of today’s electronics manufacturers. Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA has sales and service offices in Japan, China, Southeast Asia, Europe and North America, providing a truly global sales and service network, delivering best in class on-site sales and service support for their customers.



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