Cicor Strengthens Testing Capabilities at Radeberg Facility

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In January 2019, the Cicor site in Radeberg acquired a new pull and shear tester for mechanical testing of the strength of electronic packaging superstructures. The "Condor Sigma" device from XYZTEC offers both manual and automated testing of assembled polymer printed circuit boards and ceramic substrates, as well as on package assemblies. These are mainly tests for daily quality monitoring of thin/thick wire bond connections and joint strengths of soldered and bonded components.

The innovative core of the device is a multifunctional revolving measurement unit (RMU) in the form of a revolver head with which a maximum of six applications can be carried out in destructive and non-destructive mode. Currently, the RMU is equipped with two sensors of rotating hook tools for the determination of bonding and wire bond strengths in the thin and thick wire range as well as three sensors of different shear tools for the determination of shear strengths on components, balls and wedges. A sixth sensor position can still be occupied, if required e.g. with a tweezer for peel tests. The sensor accuracy is +-0.075%. The motorized table has a travel speed of 50mm/s with maximum travel in YZ direction of 168 mm and in X direction of 370 mm for tensile and shear applications. The positioning accuracy of +-1µm is an important prerequisite for automated operation. For example, in automation mode it is possible to perform tensile and shear tests on a specimen without operator input, which leads to improved repeatability and reproducibility and thus to improved Cpk results.

The instrument meets industry standards as well as MIL-STD-883 and JEDEC standards. Various possibilities of statistical quality evaluation are implemented.

Accessories include quick-change workpiece holders with vacuum suction and a stepped vice. An intuitively learnable operation of the device combined with freely configurable measurement protocols as well as the function of the image documentation during the creation of measurement series underline the modern user-friendly user interface.

With this flexible pull and shear tester, Cicor will be able to react sustainably to the demanding testing requirements, especially in medical technology, aerospace and defense technology.



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