Major Investment Initiatives at PARPRO to Support Growth

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PARPRO, a full-service embedded design solutions and electronics manufacturing services provider, recently unveiled a series of investment initiatives designed to provide the additional capacity and capability required for supporting current business growth both short and long term.

The first major investment includes the move and expansion of its current Mexico operations to a new, state-of-the art, manufacturing facility in Tijuana. The move is in response to strong company growth throughout North America and worldwide, and will provide the space to enhance its capabilities and meet the growing demand of existing and new customers. The new Mexico facility features 135,000 square feet of prime manufacturing space while still offering customers a convenient location and simplicity of operations. This new facility provides space for future expansion plans while accommodating the current new equipment requirements, plus hosting of 500 employees proposed by year end.

"PARPRO's expansion in Mexico is a huge milestone for the company and is a critical next step in our growth strategy. The new facility is well positioned to provide an expanded offering of services and solutions, and I'm most excited about what the expansion will mean in terms of our ability to service our growing customer base," said Thomas Sparrvik, PARPRO CEO. "It's been a challenge to meet the needs of our growing business with our existing space, but this investment in our Mexico facility allows us to better plan for the future, facilitate growth and increase efficiencies in combination with building up our own logistic fleet."

In addition, PARPRO has invested in a number of other initiatives and the utilization of innovative manufacturing solutions at other company locations. This includes the addition of the Takaya APT-1400F flying probe test system at the Santa Ana, California facility. The Takaya APT-1400F represents the latest in flying probe test technology, with very few manufacturing facilities offering this capability and at this level. The system enables PARPRO to increase its quality and capability in both prototypes and production volumes while providing quicker turnaround times. The investment in additional advanced testing capabilities further demonstrates PARPRO’s commitment to utilizing automated technology equipment sets to assure high quality products are delivered to our customers.

“This equipment investment is one of many upgrades/improvements recently acquired that shows our dedication to the markets and customers we serve,” said Sparrvik. “Beyond that, the investment in the new capabilities, facilities, manufacturing innovations, and partnerships are key strategic steps to support our strong growth and to keep PARPRO highly competitive.”



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