Ascentech GEN3 Bare Board Contamination Tester at GreenSource

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Ascentech LLC announces the delivery and installation of a GEN3 Systems CMBBT Bare Board tester at GreenSource Fabrication LLC. GreenSource is a highly advanced HDI and Microelectronic PCB fabricator located in Charlestown New Hampshire. Ascentech is the North American Distributor for GEN3 Systems Ltd.

GEN3’s CM Series contaminometers measure the amount of ionic contamination in accordance with all existing test methods often referred to as ROSE testing as well as the PICT test. The CMBBT Bare Board tester is a freestanding high-speed bare board testing system able to accommodate larger assemblies while maintaining a low surface area to test solution ratio. The CMBBT Bare Board tester features a “Narrow & Deep” tank to avoid the unwanted influences of CO2 and is equipped with enhanced plumbing to maintain optimum test accuracy.

About Ascentech, LLC

Ascentech, LLC is a technology and solutions provider and distributor to the electronics manufacturing and assembly industry with nearly 20 years’ experience. Ascentech is the North American Distributor for Inspectis Optical Systems AB, well as GEN3 Systems, and also supplies the industry with other testing and process optimization solutions for electronics manufacturing.     



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