Nathan Trotter Announces Solder Alloy Patent Expiration

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Leading tin and solder alloy manufacturer, Nathan Trotter, in cooperation with North American master representative e-tronix, Inc., announced the availability of NT100Ge lead-free solder bar and wire products with an alloy composition equivalent to that of the well-known SN100C solder. Effective March 15, 2019, the patent US618055/EU985486/JP3152945 held by Nihon Superior Sha Co., Ltd. has expired, allowing the alloy composition of SN100C to be produced in bar and wire form without restriction. Nathan Trotter has formulated NT100Ge as a drop-in replacement for existing SN100C applications, providing expanded access to cost-effective wave solder products.

“Electronics assemblers have appreciated the performance capabilities of the SN100C alloy for some time,” says Luke Etherington, vice president of Business Development at Nathan Trotter. “Our new NT100Ge solder bar and wire will deliver an identical alloy composition and excellent wave soldering performance consistent with that of SN100C, but without the price premiums. This, combined with Nathan Trotter’s more than two centuries of metals manufacturing expertise, our broad global importing resources and high-volume production capacity, offers electronics manufacturers a robust and cost-competitive supply chain that is unmatched.”

Nathan Trotter’s NT100Ge is a lead-free alloy comprised primarily of tin, with additions of nickel, copper and germanium. Benefits of the alloy include formation of an aesthetically appealing solder joint with a bright, smooth appearance, compatibility with wave and selective soldering machine metals, and reduced copper dissolution within the soldering process. In addition to the NT100Ge performance advantages, Nathan Trotter’s ongoing investment in its bar and wire manufacturing competency and resource underscores the company’s commitment to ensuring next-generation production systems to satisfy product purity and supply requirements. The company is the largest bar and wire solder supplier in North America, providing its customers with the highest quality metals. With a production volume of approximately two million pounds per month, industrial and electronics manufacturers are assured of risk-free supply to meet production demands.

Partnering with multi-award-winning master representative, e-tronix, Nathan Trotter customers are supported by an extensive and knowledgeable North American sales and technical consulting network. The e-tronix team has a combined 60 years of electronics industry experience and in-depth process know-how to help customers select products that will maximize performance and minimize cost.

“The addition of NT100Ge to the Nathan Trotter solder bar portfolio allows electronics specialists to enjoy superior wave solder process performance at an industry-best cost,” explains Erik Stromberg, President of e-tronix. “Nathan Trotter’s metals manufacturing expertise and economies of scale along with the service and technical support of our team ensure customers can meet their demanding reliability, high-yield, low-cost objectives.”

About Nathan Trotter

Founded in 1789, Nathan Trotter has grown to become the largest importer of tin in North America. ISO certified since 1997, Nathan Trotter currently serves the automotive, aerospace, electronics, plating, and chemical industries globally. The company operates two primary facilities and a third recycling facility, all located in Southeastern Pennsylvania. 

About e-tronix, Inc.

e-tronix is an award-winning manufacturers’ representative for the electronics assembly industry with an experienced team of professionals delivering nearly 60 years of technical and business management know-how. Based in Minnesota, e-tronix represents a wide range of best-in-class equipment and materials suppliers and delivers solutions-oriented, consultative support to customers across North America to enable sustainable, highyield, profitable manufacturing operations.



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