Register Early for the iNEMI Low-Temperature Solder Workshop

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iNEMI will be at the upcoming NEPCON China 2019 event in Shanghai to discuss new developments and future plans for low-temperature solder materials and assembly techniques.

The iNEMI Low-Temperature Solder Workshop, to be held on Wednesday, April 24, from 9:45am to 4:45pm, will feature speakers from Intel, Dell, Flex, Huawei, Eunow, Tamura, Chongqing University, Shenmao Technology, and MacDermid Alpha, discussing a wide variety of topics including the innovations required to improve yield and quality of low-temperature solder assemblies; processability, reliability and failure mechanisms of low-temperature solder materials; and more.

The workshop will also identify collaborative project opportunities to accelerate low-temperature solder technology development and deployment in the industry.

The early bird registration for the workshop is until March 31.



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