Huawei Chooses Universal to Automate Complex Server Assembly

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Huawei Technologies Co. has chosen Universal Instruments’ FuzionOF platform to automate complex component placement in its server board applications. They have begun scaling FuzionOF in production, replacing manual assembly processes and realizing substantial output gains.

With integrated solutions across four key domains—telecom networks, IT, smart devices, and cloud servicesHuawei Technologies is committed to bringing digital to every person, home and organization for a fully connected, intelligent world. Huawei manufactures intelligent servers that are flexible, balanced, efficient, and feature a modular design for cloud computing virtualization, database, high-performance computing, mission-critical applications, and more workloads.

Huawei selected FuzionOF based on the platform’s inherent speed, repeatability and ability to handle a broad range of components on a single platform, maximizing automation ROI. The new platforms form the foundation of Huawei’s Golden Server production line. They are automating insertion of 16 unique pin-in-paste odd-form components, including VGAs, RJ45s, SATA and PCIE connectors, pin headers, electrolytic capacitors (e-caps), and more. The FuzionOF solution also includes bowl, radial, tray, and track feeder integration.

By transitioning to the high-speed, high-accuracy FuzionOF solution, Huawei has seen significant improvements. Daily printed circuit board (PCB) output has more than tripled, while the first-pass yield rate has been more than 99.5% and downtime less than 1%.

FuzionOF boasts several advantages for end-of-line odd-form applications by offering full inspection, consistent placement forces, and having the flexibility to easily transition to new products and requirements. These advantages provide the agility, versatility, yield, and performance to excel in both higher-mix and higher-volume environments.

“We’re thrilled to work together with a world-class partner like Huawei,” said Universal Instruments Vice President of Customer Operations, Brad Bennett. “Automation continues to drive the electronics assembly landscape and we’ve developed our portfolio to meet this challenge head-on. More importantly, we’re positioned to help our customers embrace automation and fortify their leadership positions.” Bennett continued, “FuzionOF will be a tremendous asset for Huawei and we hope it will serve as a cornerstone to continue and expand our cooperation.”



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