Datest and VJ Technologies Celebrate First Year of Success

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Datest installed the VJT high precision micro-focus DR/CT system, software and associated workstations a little more than a year ago, and has been busy attracting both new and old customers since. The facility staff includes NAS410 Level II and Level III personnel, who are always available as part of their service. Training and consultation services also are featured. Quick-turnaround (usually 24-48 hours) inspection and failure analysis services are available to all industry sectors, building on Datest’s already well-known and highly successful printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) failure analysis service. Datest’s inspection services are further expanded via the VJT high-energy X-ray labs at its New York and Connecticut facilities. 

“Adding Datest as our partner and adding a West Coast inspection services location has been a great addition for both companies,” said Vijay Alreja, CEO, VJ Technologies. “The Fremont location has added another level of service and convenience for our new customers, while improving response time for existing customers in the area.”

“2018 was our Proof-of-Concept Year, and 2019 is our Break Out Year,” said Robert A. Boguski, Jr., President of Datest.  “We have learned the system, the software and the team has been worked up to serve a varied clientele with a common denominator:  A defective or suboptimal product needing immediate root cause and failure analysis. Our time-tested, mission-critical failure analysis business model, honed over seven years in electronics applications, is now expanding to new sectors, and addressing new products, in aerospace, automotive, medical, 3D printing, materials science, academic and other applications where time is of the essence. We expect to supplement our current capabilities with additional imaging and test services later this year. Watch this space. We also will be making appearances at trade shows on the West Coast and elsewhere, getting the word out about our partnership with VJT and our joint services. Our two companies may be separated by geography, but we are bound by capability. There is no imaging job we cannot do.”

About VJ Technologies

VJ Technologies designs, engineers and manufactures advanced X-ray solutions incorporating world-class imaging software and hardware systems for industry, academy, and government.  An extensive R&D program drives leading edge products, and best in class technical support and maintenance ensures customer confidence and satisfaction throughout the product lifecycle.

VJ Technologies provides a complete range of DR and CT inspection services, from micro-focus through energies up to 9MeV via our network of “In-house” x-ray labs and mobile x-ray units.  With AS9100 certification pending and inspections performed by ASNT and NAS 410 qualified Level 2 and Level 3 professionals supported by nationally recognized CT specialists, VJ Technologies is the company of choice of the aerospace, additive manufacturing, nuclear and automotive industries.

Founded in 1987, VJT is a leading global provider of x-ray inspection solutions with locations in the USA, UK, France, India and China to provide a true global level of service. We apply our radioscopic digital imaging expertise to governmental and nondestructive testing (NDT) markets throughout the world.

VJT develops and manufactures a complete line of automated, manual, and turnkey X-ray inspection systems. Primary market sectors include: automotive, aerospace, electronics, nuclear, oil & gas, and pipe & weld applications. VJT x-ray inspection systems are used for radioscopic inspection of products and assemblies to detect defects or foreign matter, reducing cost and time while increasing quality and safety.

VJT delivers a competitive advantage over other companies through our network of global offices. In the 21st century, VJT continues to nurture emerging technologies and provide innovative solutions for global customers. Visit for more information. 

About Datest

Datest was founded in 1984 to address the growing trend of outsourcing assembly test services, together with increasing OEM demands that EMS providers deliver fully tested, functioning product.  This trend has only accelerated to the present day, driven forward by relentless challenges of component miniaturization, order-of-magnitude increases in packaging density and performance (Moore's Law!), and resultant accessibility constraints using traditional ICT methodologies.  Developing the means to successfully test the products of this evolving packaging density lies at the core of Datest's integrated test approach.  Datest integrates traditional electrical board test methodologies (ICT, Flying Probe, and JTAG/Boundary Scan) with failure analysis (nondestructive as well as destructive), reverse engineering and “bonepile” rehabilitation, functional test development, and analytical laboratory services.  Datest also offers comprehensive x-ray services (2D, 3D, and CT) for root cause analysis, high-level inspection and metrology, and dispute resolution. 

The owner and president of Datest, Robert A. Boguski, Jr., is a 39-year veteran of the electronic interconnect Industry, with a broad-based background in, and management of, board fabrication, design, assembly, program direction, sales and marketing, as well as test, component and manufacturing engineering.



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