Kodiak Assembly Solutions Marks 15 Years of Quality Contract Electronic Manufacturing

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Kodiak Assembly Solutions LP to announce its 15th year in business. The privately held company was formed in 2004 with a small team of experienced engineers and operators.


Kodiak Assembly original 17 employees from 2004 (left) vs. 2019 employees with profit sharing checks (right)

“Kodiak started in 2004 with 17 employees in a 20,000 sq ft facility,” stated Michael Harlow, vice president/sales, Kodiak Assembly. “Today, 16 of them are still here, with one retired. We now have 76 employees and operate out of a 60,000 sq ft facility. We still have several of our original customers and have enjoyed watching their businesses grow along with us. Those are the type of long-term relationships that we work hard to nurture with mutual respect and values!”

Over the last 15 years, Kodiak Assembly has established a reputation for its high-quality, first pass yields and on-time deliveries. The company offers SMT, assembly, test and system integration capabilities out of its world-class facility in Austin.

Kodiak Assembly’s expertise and flexibility allow the company to facilitate the effective production of a great variety of products. The company is built around the idea of being able to quickly begin production of high-quality electronic products while also sticking to the most demanding schedule.

Kodiak has extensive experience in a number of key electronic markets, including: IoT- Internet of Things, communications, LED lighting, medical and biotechnology, oil and gas, industrial controls, radio frequency (RF) solutions, security, and microprocessor embedded computer assemblies.

About Kodiak Assembly Solutions

Kodiak Assembly Solutions is an electronic manufacturing services company based in austin, texas. the company provides printed circuit board assembly, test and integration services to companies throughout North America. Kodiak Assembly has developed solutions in its electronics manufacturing services with our customer's business goals in mind. The company’s strength lies in its experienced team, state-of-the-art machines, clean facility and quality centered processes.



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