INSPECTIS Offers Full Range of Inspection at 4K with HD Package

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The full range of inspection needs for both SMT/PCB electronics and medical technology and device manufacturing can now be achieved at ultra-HD 4K performance levels with the new  HD-016-KIT-ADV package from INSPECTIS AB.

The HD-016-KIT-ADV kit is based on the INSPECTIS ultra-HD U30s camera, offering full 4K performance with RingLight Track Stand, XY-board, extra +10 diopter magnification and INSPECTIS ProX Utility/Metrology Software.

In making the announcement, Alistair Gooch, marketing manager, said, “The U30 Series, as part of the complete kit, really brings the ‘wow!’ factor to the INSPECTIS line. This is the best tool for inspecting the broad range of micro products and very fine features, which demand more. The extra clarity achieved with 8 rather than 2 megapixels is more apparent and visceral when studying finer features.”

INSPECTIS Microscopes are available in two basic models. All-in-one, plug-and-play systems with integrated stand and built-in white LED illumination and modular systems configurable with different stands, illuminations, lenses and image capture options. Connect an INSPECTIS digital microscope to standard HDMI input of a 4K UHD display and take advantage of the astonishing image resolution, high contrast and true colors possible.


INSPECTIS AB offers advanced optical inspection solutions for the electronics and medical device manufacturing industries. a line of plug and play, reliable and cost-effective digital camera microscopes designed for demanding non-contact optical inspection and assembly.



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