MacDermid Alpha to Present at SNEC PV Power Expo

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The Assembly Division of MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions will be presenting a technical paper titled "Prevention of Weak Solder Joint Formation in Multi-Busbar (MBB) Interconnection" during the SNEC 13th (2019) International Photovoltaic (PV) Power Generation and Smart Energy Exhibition & Conference taking place June 3-6 in Shanghai, China. The paper will be focused on addressing the factors affecting reliability of solder joints in MBB technology.

"In multi-busbar (MBB) interconnection, between six and 15 round copper wires are soldered onto more than 50 solder pads on the front side of the solar cell. This approach reduces silver consumption for the front side metallization and increases the module efficiency by lowering series resistance and improved light harvesting," said Narahari Pujari, R&D Manager, Assembly Solutions. "However, due to reduced cross sectional area of silver pad and wire, reliability of solder joints remained one of the biggest concerns in this technology. Lowered peel strength, wire crippling and cold or dry solder joint formation are the most common issues."

Pujari's presentation is going to review and analyze the formation of weak joints and ways to obviate the same.

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About SNEC

SNEC is international PV tradeshow with high influence in China, Asia and rest of the world. SNEC showcases PV manufacturing facilities, materials, PV cells, PV application products & modules, and PV project and system, covering every section of the whole PV industry chain. The conference provides an excellent platform for the world's PV experts and scientists to showcase and share the latest developments in solar energy technologies.



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