Technica USA and E-tronix to host E-by-SIPLACE Demo Week in Illinois

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Technica USA, in conjunction with their supply partner, ASM Assembly Systems announced plans for this year’s Midwest E-by-SIPLACE Demo Week. It will be hosted by E-tronix, sales agent for the E-by-SIPLACE and E-by-DEK equipment at their Downer Grove, Illinois office.

Frank Medina, President of Technica USA stated, “We continue to have good success with the ASM Assembly System’s E-By-SIPLACE and E-by-DEK equipment in the mid-volume, high mix market. We appreciate E-tronix’s support in hosting this year’s Demo Week in Illinois. The E-by-Siplace equipment, powered by SIPLACE PRO best in class software, has proven to offer small-mid-volume pcb assembly operations with the features of high-volume equipment at an affordable price.”

Anthony Noto, Managing Partner at E-tronix of Illinois, stated, “We are beyond excited to be hosting this year’s E-by-SIPLACE Demo week in the Midwest region. Many of our customers will benefit from the World Class Performance of the E by Siplace equipment that was developed for the mid-speed segment. Partnering with leading edge organizations that share the same passion for excellence as we do, will always yield success, and working with ASM Assembly Systems and Technica USA has proven that."

E-by SIPLACE Demo Week
June 3-7 (8am to 5pm)
1441 Branding Lane, Suite 110
Downers Grove, IL 60515
Contact: Anthony Noto
Phone: 630-696-2557
Contact: Elliot Le, Technica USA

About E-tronix

The E-tronix team brings nearly 60 years of experience to the electronics assembly sector. As a manufacturers’ rep firm, we pride ourselves on being the solutions provider and or technical resource to our customers. Our goal is to provide best in class materials and equipment to ensure we’re putting our customers in the best position to achieve sustainability and success in their manufacturing environment. If it’s to improve overall equipment efficiencies via our valued equipment partners or reducing overall consumable expenditures by means of our strategic and key consumable suppliers, we have a solution for you. Please contact your local E-tronix representative for first-class service and support.

About Technica USA

Technica, USA provides the highest quality equipment and process materials, manufactured worldwide, for the printed circuit board fabrication and assembly markets as well as the microelectronic, photovoltaic and printed electronics markets. For more information on Technica, USA, please contact Jason Perry at 1-408-240-5950 or




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