BB Electronics to Open New Factory in Suzhou, China

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BB Electronics is upgrading to meet customer success and support future growth and box build requirements. During September 2019, BB Electronics will move the factory in Suzhou, China, to a bigger facility, increasing its available space from 7,500 square meters to 10,500 square meters.

Due to the success of BB Electonics' customers, the company has experienced an increased demand for manufacturing space and storage. With larger orders and more customers, room is needed to store more components and raw materials, and more storage facilities for finished goods.

BB is also fulfilling more of its customers’ value chain—e.g., box build, configuration, shipment and distribution—and this underlines the need for new, larger facilities. These needs will be met in our new factory. Moreover, the new, bigger factory enables BB Electronics to support our customers’ future growth and box build requirements.

The new factory is located in the SIP-HMITZ area with many other smart manufacturing, high-end equipment manufacturing and high-tech development companies. The area has streamlined customs and clearance proce-dures, making importing and exporting easier.

The location is 30 minutes closer to Shanghai International Airport and only 10 minutes from the G2 Highway, making visits easier.

Future address: Building 18# A&B, Suchun Industrial EstateQingqiu Street, SIP 215024Suzhou JiangSu Province, PRC

About BB Electronics

Founded in 1975, today BB Electronics is one of Scandinavia’s leading service companies in the field of electronics production and aims to be a leader in automation and logistics, as well as innovative commercial solutions. We offer services within design for manufacturing, sourcing, production, test, box build and system integration, distribution, and after sales services. The company’s services are used in a wide range of industries, including telecommunications, IT, medical technology, industry and transport. We employ around 700 people, and our administrative headquarters is located in Horsens, Denmark with production facilities in China, the Czech Republic and Denmark.



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