Vexos Recognized by Southco as Supplier of the Year 2018

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EMS firm VEXOS Inc. has received the 2018 Supplier of the Year award from Southco. The award was presented at Southco's annual Supplier Conference held in Concordville, Pennsylvania.

The award was presented to Tim Fox, Director of Business Development for Vexos and is recognition for superior performance, collaboration and innovation.  Vexos was chosen out of 500 suppliers and is one of Southco’s major providers of electronics manufacturing services and supply chain solutions, supporting their portfolio of premium access solutions available to equipment designers to enhance the touch points of their products in transportation and industrial applications, medical equipment, data centers and more.

Paul Jona, CEO and President, commented, “We are honored to be recognized with this prestigious award. Throughout our partnership with Southco, we have continuously identified new ways in which our teams could collaborate to increase productivity while delivering exceptional quality and seamless execution. This award is a result of our dedication to providing Customer Service Excellence and Operational Excellence in an effort to enable Southco’s success.”

Stephanie Martin, Senior Vice President of Global Supply Chain, commented, “Vexos is grateful for this recognition by one of our longest-standing customers.  Over the course of our partnership we have consistently looked for innovative ways to support Southco’s evolving mix of products.  Receiving this award is a reflection of our ability to successfully execute mid-to-low volume, higher complexity business engagements and we remain committed to strengthening this relationship by providing even more value in the future.”

Qianhong Wei, Category Manager of Southco, commented, “Congratulations on winning the Supplier of the Year for the Americas region. I am so proud of you all and feel lucky and grateful to work with the Vexos team on a daily basis. You are the best performing among 500+ suppliers in the Americas.” Qianhong continues to say, “Southco and Vexos have been working to build this partnership in the past 12 years. I believe we will be better and stronger every year, for we are a team and work seamlessly together.  Southco had a successful year in 2018 and Vexos has been working hard to meet our business requirements. Thanks a million, to the Vexos' team members for contributing to our business. You are highly appreciated and deserve the award!”

Highlights of 2018: 

The market condition has been challenging since May 2018 with demand running higher than supply. Vexos worked with us to vacuum up components worldwide to stock for us. The project saved a lot of time for our engineers to evaluate alternative parts as the unit price for some increased by 100%-400% last summer. Southco management recognized the efforts and contribution to secure supply continuity under severe market conditions.

The lead time has become really long in electronics industry (at 6 to 12 months for some parts). It was challenging to prepare components for orders that Southco did not place regularly. Vexos had to search for parts for us in the spot buy market and did so in a timely manner for dozens of orders.  The Vexos team was highly efficient in handling this time-consuming process.

The Vexos team has always responded to our requests from different countries in a timely manner. They also worked with us to improve payment terms, among other things.​
















































In picture left to right: Qianhong Wei, Southco - Tim Fox, Vexos - Florian Reuter, Southco




About Southco: Southco, Inc. is the leading global designer and manufacturer of engineered access solutions. From quality and performance to aesthetics and ergonomics, we understand that first impressions are lasting impressions in product design. For over 70 years, Southco has helped the world’s most recognized brands create value for their customers with innovative access solutions designed to enhance the touch points of their products in transportation and industrial applications, medical equipment, data centers and more. With unrivaled engineering resources, innovative products and a dedicated global team, Southco delivers the broadest portfolio of premium access solutions available to equipment designers throughout the world.




About VEXOS Inc.:  Vexos, is a mid-size award-winning global Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) and Custom Material Solutions (CMS) company, providing complete end-to-end supply chain management solutions in electronic and mechanical products for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and new emerging technology companies.



Vexos services extend over the entire electronic product life cycle, from value engineering services for product development to prototyping and New Product Introduction (NPI) through to the growth, maturity and end-of-life phases with a strong focus and commitment to quality and customer service satisfaction.  With manufacturing facilities in United States, Canada, China and Vietnam, Vexos can efficiently compete in today’s marketplace, primarily focus within automotive, industrial, networking, communication, medical and security market segments.


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