Don Jeka Joins Essemtec AG as Business Development Manager

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Essemtec AG has announced the addition of Don Jeka to its US sales team. Jeka has assumed the role of Business Development Manager. In this new position he will work with Essemtec’s sales representatives in parts of the US and Canada. Jeka has been specifically tasked with growing the market for Essemtec’s outstanding products including its award-winning Fox pick-and-place and Spider dispensing platforms.

Jeka has enjoyed a successful sales career and has significant experience working with representatives and distributors. After first graduating from college, he established himself in the pharmaceutical industry as both a top performing salesperson and sales trainer. He then went on to a distinguished career in worldwide capital equipment sales, eventually becoming Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Vitronics Corporation.

Most recently, Jeka was the National Sales and Marketing Manager for Scienscope’s X-ray Division, successfully promoting their products in the US and Canada.

Jeka is a sales and marketing veteran with more than 30 years of experience, including 15 years selling capital equipment, plus developing and managing distribution and sales. He is proficient in all aspects of business based, in part, on his experience owning and running a multi-million-dollar company.

Pierre Marechal, the Managing Director of Essemtec USA, commented, “We are pleased to have Don join the Essemtec team. Our outstanding and innovative pick-and-place and dispensing systems, combined with our component storage towers, offer a wide variety for our customers, from major manufacturers to the smallest CMs and prototype labs. The ability to add the precision and versatility of our products helps impact their operations and profitability.”

Jeka added, “I am extremely excited to join the Essemtec team and look forward to promoting their unique, high quality systems within the US and Canada. Essemtec’s commitment to customer service and satisfaction, combined with their ability to offer pick-and-place and dispensing in one system, clearly sets them apart from other manufacturers. I am happy to become part of the very bright future of Essemtec.”

About Essemtec AG

Essemtec AG is a privately held Swiss equipment manufacturer, specializing in high speed fluid dispensing as well as flexible high-mix SMT placement solutions. Both divisions leverage the company’s vast equipment and process know-how gained since 1991 to let their customers achieve significant competitive advantages. The company’s goal is to improve its customers’ workflows, setup times, defect rates, traceability and overall manufacturing efficiency through superior software and by providing managed SMT storage.





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