Hindley Circuits Strengthens Network in the Energy Sector

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PCB assembly services provider Hindley Circuits is now a member of the NOF, Subsea UK and Engineering and Manufacturing Network (EMN, formerly CDEMN).

Aiming to expand its services to the energy sector, particularly the oil and gas and renewables market, Hindley Circuits’ joining the NOF, Subsea UK and EMN is a great place to start as it brings together operators, contractors, suppliers and key decision makers within the entire energy supply chain to collaborate on key projects across the globe.

This comes on the back of Hindley Circuits securing, and already successfully delivering, its largest contract to date with a large multinational oil and gas company operating across 140 countries. As a part of the contract, Hindley Circuits manufactured complex analysis equipment which was then utilised for nationally important infrastructure.

As the company continues to invest in both training of staff and having the latest state of the art equipment, it believes this will place the business in good stead in the energy sector, as it also does with its current markets.



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