National Circuit Assembly Promotes Nick Nguyen to Director of Quality

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National Circuit Assembly has announced the promotion of Nick Nguyen to director of quality.

Nguyen completed his MBA at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in 2014, and joined NCA as a quality engineer. His dedication and constant strive for improvement earned him the position of quality manager in 2016. As quality manager, Nick was a key player in attaining AS9100D certification, improving quality yields, making processes more efficient, and much more.

In his new role of director of quality, Nick will bring changes that improve the quality of products and bring value to the company and NCA’s customers.

"Over the years, I have watched NCA grow and it has been amazing,” Nick commented.  “I am truly blessed to be part of such an outstanding team. Technology is constantly improving, and I am excited to see what types of new challenges we will take on next.”

“At NCA, we take great pride in our employees,” commented Stephen Lehocky, president of NCA.  “We invest in training and education, and believe our employees are our strongest asset. So it was no question that we would promote someone in-house as our new Director of Quality. I am pleased to announce the promotion of Nick Nguyen to Director of Quality at NCA. Mr. Nguyen’s previous experience at NCA, attention to detail, and performance excellence have pushed the company to the next level of quality.  We are excited to have Nick leading our quality efforts.”

About National Circuit Assembly (NCA)

NCA has resources that set the company apart from any other circuit assembly companies in the area. Their diverse culture, working environment, along with their latest technologically advanced equipment, is an example of the many components that help form the foundation of NCA.

NCA provides fully integrated PCB, cable and electro/mechanical manufacturing and test services to leading OEMs in the semiconductor, telecommunications, transportation, networking, medical, industrial controls, radio frequency (RF), and other high-technology industries.

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