SMT Hautes Leverages Universal's Fuzion for High-Volume Production in North America

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Premiere EMS sets precedent for onshore volume production with addition of 400K cph high-speed line.

SMT Hautes Technologies is a global EMS provider specializing in quick turn for high-end complex electronics assemblies. The company is also the recent recipient of the Austmine Innovation Award for METS, presented by its customer Orica, for its innovation and value-added manufacturing. SMT Hautes continues to extend its capabilities with the addition of the seventh Universal Instruments surface mount production line in its Montreal, Canada facility.

The new high-speed line is comprised of Universal’s flagship Fuzion Platform and features three Fuzion4-120 Platforms capable of throughputs up to 140,000 cph each. It enables SMT Hautes to broaden its value proposition by offering its North American customer base competitive high-volume manufacturing without having to go offshore.

Since 2001, SMT Hautes has provided an array of solutions ranging from prototypes to volume production. In addition to manufacturing, SMT Hautes offers several other types of services, including design, test solutions, engineering, cost reduction, DFM, DFA & DFT analysis, and many others. The company utilizes three production factories, including a state-of-the-art, 100,000 square foot manufacturing facility in the Laval, Canada Industrial Park, which produce more than 10 million circuits annually.

SMT Hautes employs a “Smart EMS 4.0” production model that uses Universal’s IQ360 factory software to create a fully automated process flow, from inventory and planning to full traceability. SMT Hautes is committed to delivering the highest-quality end products to its customer base, taking pride in the loyalty of these customers as a testament to the company’s flexibility and ability to adapt and meet their needs.

Along with the three Fuzion4-120 Platforms, the new line includes a Fuzion1-11 Platform capable of placing larger parts up to 150mm square and 25mm tall, while providing 120 8mm feeder inputs. This versatile line configuration supports a full range of requirements from complex SMT to high-volume production.

“We’re really excited to be leading the charge and opening the door for more opportunity in North America,” said SMT Hautes President, Stephane Deschesnes. “We couldn’t be happier with the performance of the new Fuzion line. We just confirmed our new cycle time and it’s truly amazing! When you couple this with the high level of quality and support we’ve enjoyed over the years, it’s clear why we continue to choose Universal.”

SMT Hautes and Universal Instruments have enjoyed a successful relationship for more than 20 years. “We’ve built our entire SMT production portfolio with Universal platforms and it doesn’t stop there,” noted Deschesnes. “We recently integrated Universal’s Uflex™ automation platform, which has enabled us to implement a hands-free, fully automated mechanical and test assembly line for mass production.”

Universal Instruments Vice President of Customer Operations, Brad Bennett noted, “It’s been a pleasure working with SMT Hautes and watching the company grow. The addition of the high-speed Fuzion line will definitely expand their prospective business by offering a cost-effective alternative to overseas production from a proven manufacturer – something that makes powerful a statement about where the company is going.”



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