Catching up With Niche Electronics

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Dan: What are some of the technologies in which you have invested?

Frank: We’ve invested in 3D inspection, selective soldering, and sophisticated manufacturing software to increase efficiencies and reduce the human element from the manufacturing process; that is the future. The more systems and processes we can have in place, the more consistent and repeatable our results will be. It’s about the first assembly and the ten-thousandth one all looking exactly the same. Automation is the key to that, so we recently invested in another facility as well in November of 2016: Quality Contract Manufacturing Services.

Dan: Is the new facility an add-on to your Pennsylvania facility, or does it provide different services?

Frank: It’s a separate entity with similar capabilities. Automated conformal coating and wire preparation are two additional competencies that we can now offer.

Dan: What are some of the advantages of having another facility?

Frank: With two facilities, we are able to cover more territories, add additional capabilities, and further diversify our customer base.

Dan: That makes a lot of sense. Do you plan to add any other facilities?

Frank: Only time will tell.

Dan: Sounds good. Now, let’s talk a little about quality.

Frank: Sure. Our quality manager comes from the automotive industry, which is a bonus since his background is steeped in all the of super-rigid quality requirements of that industry; he is a real asset to the organization. He leads us in blending high reliability while maintaining flexibility. We are also ISO 9001/2015-certified and ITAR-registered and adhere to in-house IPC and J-Standard certified training using our own certified trainers.

Dan: What are your plans for the future?

Frank: A lot of that is based on our customers’ needs. As is the case with all contract manufacturers, we serve at the pleasure of our customers; they guide us when it comes to the future. We have to be prepared to keep ahead of all of their needs. Our goal is to make our process as consistent and reliable as possible for our customers. In the next five years, we will be working toward more standardization of both equipment and procedures across multiple platforms and multiple facilities.

Dan: What is your idea of great customer service?

Frank: I believe that great service starts and ends with communication. To serve your customers, you have to listen and hear what they need. You must understand their business and market, and as a true partner, do everything you can to make your customers succeed in their own markets. If your customers are successful, you will be too.

Dan: Let’s move over to customer acquisitions. How do you get new customers?

Frank: First, we focus on targeting potential customers that are in our wheelhouse—companies that we know we can help. Our prospecting method is to create an ideal customer profile, find companies that fit that profile, and start prospecting with them. We know we can help them, which means that we have to get in front of them and tell our story. We also attend trade shows and technical forums and reach out to customers through face-to-face customer interactions with online tools. We brand ourselves as solution providers, which pretty much sums up exactly who we are and what we do.

Dan: One more question before we wrap up: What do you see for the future of our industry?

Frank: I see technology getting more complex as well as an increase in miniaturization, of course. There are also some issues with parts availability and suspect parts and components as well as a much more competitive market moving forward.

Dan: Thanks for doing this. I appreciate it.

Frank: Thank you, Dan.



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