Schmalz Launches 'Clever Automation Solutions' for Electronics Production

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Vacuum specialist Schmalz has unveiled numerous “clever” solutions for the automated handling of delicate electronic components.

For example, gripping systems that reliably protect delicate components against electrostatic discharge.

Electrostatic charges and the resulting uncontrolled electrostatic discharge (ESD) produce irreversible damage to electronic components such as chips or printed-circuit boards.

To resolve this problem, Schmalz produces handling solutions especially for the electronics industry – for example, vacuum suction cups made of NBR-ESD.

The suction cups are made of a special dissipative material that reliably protects the delicate components from damage through safe and rapid electrostatic discharge.

Both flat and bellows suction cups are available with different geometries and dimensions.

In order to provide customized and flexible vacuum generation, Schmalz has added the new compact ejectors SCPM to its portfolio.

The ejectors are not only very small and powerful, but are also available in various designs and are suitable for mounting on blocks as a terminal.

Special variants are also suitable for use in combination with an external vacuum supply.

The spring plunger FSTIm is also designed for handling tasks in the electronics industry. It ensures gentle handling of delicate workpieces and is available in an electrically conductive version, says Schmalz.

In addition, Schmalz produces the flow grippers SCG and SCGS for secure gripping of printed-circuit boards and other electronic components. Both versions can be equipped with different suction cups, which are optionally available in NBR-ESD.

As a result, electrostatic discharges can be reliably prevented. The vacuum suction cup SUF is recommended for flat workpieces. This is suitable for universal use due to the variety of material options and also comes in a conductive version, says Schmalz.

Schmalz also presents the new addition to its range of electrical vacuum generators, the compact CobotPump ECBPM.

The device is specially designed for the automated handling of small parts with a single suction cup and is suitable for use on collaborative robots with a lift capacity of up to three kilograms.

The vacuum is entirely produced by electrical power and uses no compressed air. As a result, there is no need for conventional hoses, which makes it much easier to use in mobile robotics in particular.



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