New Inspectis Software 5.0 Release Offers Exciting New Features

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INSPECTIS AB announces the release of version 5.0 of Inspectis Software, offering a comprehensive collection of new overlay features including a built-in DXF creator and an editor for producing scaled overlay graticules.

Some of the new features of 5.0 include the following:

DXF editor and Overlay—Create a DXF file from your object by optical edge detection. Open an existing DXF CAD file, edit, draw patterns, shapes, add text and overlay on live image. Save in DXF or PNG format and display as a digital Graticule on the live image.

Overlay Assisted Inspection—A live image can be overlaid on a reference picture with timer controlled interval display. It’s an efficient tool for identifying missing components, wrong polarity, misplacements and other defects on assembled PCBs.

INSPECTIS software is powerful yet easy-to-use live image view, capture, utility and metrology software, specially designed for the full range of Inspectis HD, full HD, 4K and USB3.0 digital microscopes. Available in four functionality levels, Basic, Pro, ProX and Overlay, it provides an array of tools for calibration of device magnification, live image overlays and comparison, focus stacking, annotations and reporting.

Its intuitive GUI features icon-based function tools including Measurement Tools; Crosshair, Grid & Graticule; Compare & Image Overlay; Auto Calibration; Annotation & Count; Interval Overlay with Timer; Auto & Manual Focus Stacking; and Memory Presets. INSPECTIS software reduces time spent on

capture, analysis, measurements and documentation of inspection objects. Results can be exported or printed as certificates and reports with custom templates. Other notable features include the following:

Focus Stacking—Create images with extended depth of focus by taking 10-25 images at different focus depths to create one ultra-sharp image.

Compare Windows—Compare a live image to a reference picture or compare 2-4 still images to each other.

Measurement Data—A Data table is generated automatically and linked to the measured image.

Reporting—Report and certificate generator with user-defined templates. Measurement data and comments are automatically imported with selected images.

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