Computrol Installs Brand New Mycronic Line Dedicated to Rapid Prototyping

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Computrol, Inc., a world-class provider of mid- to low-volume, high-mix electronic manufacturing services to OEMs, today announced that it has completed the installation of a new SMT line dedicated to rapid prototyping. The new MYCRONIC line includes the MYCRONC LX-300 with a full complement of Agilis smart feeders and magazines as well as an Agilis tray magazine tower. 

With the new line, Computrol can handle the full range of SMT component sizes from 01005s to large QFPs and BGA packages. The line boasts the MYPLAN software for optimization and the MYCENTER software for improved materials management. 

Farid Anani, VP of Operations at Computrol said: “In today’s market, our OEM customers expect a very fast turnaround time on prototype assemblies. Adding this new line at Computrol enables us to meet those expectations.” 

Core to its business, Computrol continues to focus on prototyping and low to medium volume, high mix production of PCB, box build, cable harness and backplane assemblies. The company focuses on providing electronics manufacturing services throughout the lifecycle of high-mix products. Maintaining this focus enables Computrol to provide faster assembly operations than those in large factories. 

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