Nortech Systems Finds a Creative Solution with CheckSum Software

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CheckSum, a leading provider of test systems, fixtures and programs, is pleased to announce that Nortech implemented its existing software environment for an end of line test (overmolding) with CheckSum’s user-friendly interface. Nortech already had a CheckSum in-circuit test fixture and program, and could send serial commands to control the functionality of the board since the software allows running external .exes. Nortech also had the ability to perform any software updates to the test units before the overmolding application.

Other benefits of using the CheckSum software for the Nortech team included; familiarity and ease of use for operators, ability to link external s/w like Python, built-in data-logging and SPC reporting, user logins and ease of editing programs.

Brandon, Senior Electrical Engineer at Nortech, said: “It was a simple task to strip down the spec file we had at the board level test to make something super quick for this new tester at the point of overmolding. Plus, it’s a medical product, so we want to have test reports and that capability already existed in our Checksum software.”

Nortech has been a Checksum customer for more than 15 years, offering world-class electronics manufacturing services — from early-stage product development and engineering through production and fulfillment. For more information about Nortech, visit



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