Balver Zinn Group Launched JEAN-151 Solder Paste at productronica

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The Balver Zinn Group would like to thank our co-exhibitors MTM Ruhrzinn and our soldering partner Lötprofis as well as all the visitors who took advantage of the opportunity during productronica 2019 in Munich to experience our new innovative exhibition appearance.

At the productronica show Balver Zinn introduced, after many and a wide range of customer trials, the new solder paste JEAN-151.

The company ACTEMIUM a manufacturer of prototypes and small series was one of these customers and Perry Smulders, Production Team leader, commented: I have been particularly impressed with the printability, Stencil life, and solder-ability of the JEAN-151 solder paste with smaller components.

The company ACTEMIUM has subjected JEAN-151 SAC305 T4 to a long-term test on its latest equipment. The printing characteristics of the JEAN-151 SAC305 T4 was excellent on 0402 and smaller die openings, with a variable squeegee compression force of 30 to 75 Newton and no mid-chip solder balls in the reflow or vapor phase processes were observed.

With more than twelve hours of stencil life and continuous use of the same jar for one month the JEAN-151 printing and soldering characteristics are still the same.

JEAN-151 is classified according to J-STD-004 A ROL0 and is the first solder paste that covers particle sizes T3 to T5. This milestone in the history of Balver Zinn ensures that in the near future only one flux medium for different particle sizes will need to be tested.

The Balver Zinn Group also announced that the recently released alcohol-based flux 390-RX-HT+ has received strong interest in the automotive sector and is developing into a very popular flux. The flux classified under IPC standard J-STD-004 A ORL0 leaves barely visible residues under nitrogen and offers high reliability.

Additionally, Balver Zinn offers the bismuth doped version SN100C which will be known in the industry as SN100CV. Introduced as a more flexible alloy and to meet the associated demands on the fatigue strength of the solder joint during aging at higher temperatures. The addition of 1.5% bismuth allows for a higher strength alloy, which is thermally more stable than the precipitation strength of silver-containing solders. SN100CV is therefore a low-cost, high-reliability solder and an alternative to silver containing solders for high-end applications.

The Balver Zinn Group has always been committed to planet sustainability and introduced water based and semi aqueous fluxes to the market several years ago.

There is currently a strong demand in the market for water-based ORL0 fluxes meeting IPC standard J-STD-004 A. The low-residue flux 396-DRX-M+ meets the requirements placed on a VOC-free soldering process with high reliability. As your complete solder material supplier, we are happy to help you take your production to a new level and prepare you for the tasks of the future.



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