Sono-Tek Corporation Celebrates 45 Years of Providing Ultrasonic Coating Equipment

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Sono-Tek Corporation is pleased to announce the company’s 45-year anniversary. A world leader in ultrasonic coating equipment solutions since 1975, Sono-tek has delivered more than 10,000 ultrasonic coating systems around the world. The company was established in 1975 by Dr. Harvey Berger, inventor of the ultrasonic nozzle, with the ultimate goal of helping as many people as possible solve coating problems with his unique technology.

Sono-Tek’s initial developments included fuel efficient nozzles for lower emission oil burners, sponsored by the EPA, and blood collection tube coating systems for a major pharmaceutical company. Sono-Tek developed the SonoFlux line of ultrasonic spray fluxing equipment in the early 1980s, which is still used by countless printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturers around the world, and is considered to be the state-of-the-art industry standard in spray fluxing systems. The company now provides industrial scale as well as research coating systems for glass, food and automotive manufacturing, implantable medical device coating systems, robotic fuel cell and solar cell coating systems, and innovative solutions for groundbreaking nanotechnology coatings.

R. Stephen Harshbarger, President of Sono-Tek, “It's exciting to see how far Sono-Tek ultrasonic coating technology has expanded over the past 4+ decades. In the very early years of the company, the core ultrasonic nozzle technology was a fascinating tool for R&D. Now ultrasonic coating machinery is widely accepted as one of the most advanced coating techniques on the market, and being used in high volume production by many hundreds of manufacturers around the world. This, our 45th year, is anticipated to bring the highest sales in company history. At our Milton, NY headquarters we have expanded manufacturing capabilities, increased our personnel, and plan for this growth trend to continue.”

Sono-Tek’s application engineers work closely with customers to specify the correct equipment from the very beginning, with the option of in-house laboratory testing to leverage process knowledge to optimize coating processes. This unparalleled level of support prior to installation means that every Sono-Tek ultrasonic coating system will perform as needed when installed.



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