Electrolube’s Phil Kinner Launches Series of On-Demand Webinars with I-007e Micro Webinars

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Electrolube’s Phil Kinner is a familiar face to the regular readers of SMT007 and his frequent columns have been a steady source of information, guidance and advice on the uses and applications of conformal coatings over the last 4 years. In conjunction with I-007e, Phil Kinner has now launched a brand new series of 5-minute webinars, examining conformal coating chemistries in further detail, their properties, applications, issues to be mindful of and the processes you should follow in order to achieve a successful coating outcome. The series of 12 webinars is entitled ‘Coatings Uncoated’ and can be viewed on demand in segments or over an hour. The content is highly topical and includes a range of application-relevant case-study overviews.

Webinar 1 lasts just 5 minutes and is now live on the following link, iconnect007.com/webinar/cu. This initial piece effectively works as an overview session looking at the rationale for Conformal Coating and the various levels of protection that coatings can offer. The full series 5-minute webinars examines other key topics such as the importance of the application process, understanding corrosion, dielectric failure and the relevance of UL approvals. Real life case studies are included and shed light on circuit failure, condensation related problems, field failures and much more. The final 5-minute webinar looks at the latest technology and the next generation of conformal coatings.

Phil Kinner heads up Electrolube’s Conformal Coatings Division and will be available to answer any visitor questions regarding their process and application requirements during Apex San Diego, 4-6th February 2020, booth 2413. As a complete solutions provider, Electrolube offers a wide range of electro-chemical solutions, which include thermal management products, encapsulation resins, conformal coatings, contact lubricants, service and maintenance aids and cleaning solutions.

For further information, please visit electrolube.org

About Electrolube

Electrolube, a division of H.K. Wentworth Limited, is a leading manufacturer of specialist chemicals for electronics, automotive and industrial manufacturing. Core product groups include conformal coatings, contact lubricants, thermal management materials, cleaning solutions, encapsulation resins and maintenance and service aids.

The extensive range of electro-chemicals at Electrolube enables the company to offer a ‘complete solution’ to leading manufacturers of electronic, industrial and domestic devices, at all levels of the production process. Through collaboration and research, the company is continually developing new and environmentally friendly products for customers around the world and their commitment to developing ‘greener’ products has been endorsed by the ISO 14001 standard for the highly efficient Environmental Management System in place at the company.

Winners of the Queen’s award for Enterprise 2016, Electrolube is represented in over 55 countries with an established network of subsidiaries and distributors. By offering genuine security of scale and a reliable supply chain, the company is able to deliver a truly tailored service.



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